***Updates: Our fruit and vegetable distributions are made to The Well in Manvel, Texas.***

One of the initiatives that is near and dear to our organization is our bi-monthly farm bag program! Individuals in the Pearland, Manvel and Alvin and areas of Brazoria County can register and receive a bi-monthly farm back with pesticide-free fruits and vegetables according to the seasonal harvest. These individuals came come to the farm on certain days/times to pick up the bi-weekly bag and fellowship with other seniors. For those seniors that aren’t able to come to the farm, we are happy to deliver the weekly farm bag to their doorstep.

If you are a senior and would like a bi-monthly farm bag, please complete the form and we’ll reach out to you. Please note that your information is kept confidential.

To be eligible for a bi-monthly farm bag during our harvest season OR our home maintenance program, you must be over the age of 55 and live in the Manvel, Pearland and Alvin, Texas areas. As our farm grows, we hope to make this a weekly program.


From Our May 22nd Giveaway:
“Those were the best tomatoes we’ve ever eaten.”
“These vegetables taste flavorful. They don’t taste anything like what we’ve gotten from the store or grew ourselves.”
“Everything was good, I shared with my sister.”

From Our May 6-7th Giveaway:
“My daughter told me about you & My husband is diabetic and really needs the vegetables.”
“My grandson is really looking forward to getting the vegetables, he looks up recipes online and cooks them for us.”
“I have the only car so I brought two other friends who signed up with me.”
“I don’t have much, but here is a $3 donation.”
“I brought my mom with me because she signed up too.”

To be eligible for a farm bag during our harvest season, you must be over the age of 55 and live in the Manvel, Pearland and Alvin, Texas areas.