King Sovereign Farms is a community fruit and vegetable farm located in Brazoria county, dedicated to feeding and educating our community according to Kingdom principles found in God’s word. Here are our three main initiatives.

Our first initiative is our Senior Farm Bag program that provides fresh, pesticide-free vegetables to individuals ages 55 and over through our bi-monthly and soon to be bi-weekly farm bags. Last fall and this past spring, which was our first year in operation, we were able to provide farm bags to 40 seniors in our community. For the upcoming fall harvest, we have 50 seniors that have already signed up.

The second initiative that we are actively working on is the distribution of moringa powder and moringa trees. Moringa powder is an awesome superfood with a ton of vitamins and nutrients and can be put in smoothies, teas and so much more!

Our last initiative is solely focused on education. We’re preparing the farm infrastructure to be able to host student field trips, community events like “coffee and community on the farm” and courses to teach our community about the importance of our nutrition and how they too can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Since you made it this far, let me just say “Thank you” for learning more about our cause and I look forward to connecting with you all!


To educate, inspire and feed our local community according to Kingdom principles in the Bible.


To teach and execute biblical (Kingdom) principles in our community through sustainable farming and community initiatives.


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